Voltage Control Amsterdam presents: Makers Patch Panel


Voltage Control Amsterdam presents: Makers Patch Panel

23 June 2019

Paradiso Amsterdam
Weteringschans 6-8,

A special Voltage Control Amsterdam Presents this time. 6 modular synthesizer makers playing a patch and two great experienced modular performers.

This edition Manu Retamero from Befaco Barcelona, Stijn Haring-Kuipers from This Is Not Rocket Science, Timo Rozendal, Paul Tas from Error instruments, Maho Cwejman from Cwejman, Jan Willem from Ginkosynthese and Thomas Hopman from TomaTek Audio will show their skills behind the modular.
A unique opportunity to hear the makers themselves patching the modular and ask questions.
The evening will be completed with RoWe (Roel Weerdenburg) and Jack Fresia.

In addition to Paradiso, this edition has been made possible thanks to Modular Moon the Modular Synthesis School Amsterdam.


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